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Oct 16 2013

Sacred Space. Yet Not Alone.


For many spiritual traditions, sacred space is a place to be alone. Big churches, a man alone with a flute, an empty forest, a woman doing meditation, these were the images of sacred space offered up by a Google search.

However, for many of us, sacred space is also a place to not be alone.

My colleague, Marilyn Bronstein, and I just finished a three-year project interviewing couples who loved each other deeply and who were also committed to a spiritual practice. One or both of them was a Rabbi. (Read all about it “Rabbis in Love,” available soon on Amazon or at Sacred space was part of how they loved each other. They created sacred space for their relationship. It was a great lesson and very touching. The book was full of “I-want-that-in-my-life” moments and this was certainly one of them.

Rabbi Ronnie and Karen Cahana talked about Sabbath. For them, it was a sacred space that was also a sacred time. Every week, on Sabbath, they set aside a time only for them, away from what Rabbi Ronnie called, “the bluster of the void.” (By that I think he meant all that busy-business we get caught up in. )

Within that special time, they “raised each other up,” as he put it. I understood him to mean that they appreciated each other, in doing that they increased their value both to themselves and each other. They cherished each other, loved each other, and revealed to each other their most tender secrets.    Send article as PDF   

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