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Mar 08 2011

Love, collaboration, co-creation, lessons from soccer and music, and personal creativity in an intimate relationship

Last night at the cinefamily theatre, ( we were treated to a live presentation of a tv pilot by Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant. What struck me most was their chemistry, how they overlapped each other when they spoke and egged each other. Thomas was dominant, clearly and Ben supported but it seemed to work both ways that the result was brilliant and insightful comedy.

I thought of those studies of pre-school kids where the dominant one in a group always had on particularly loyal and, in a sense, dominant follower and it was the axis between them that organized the rest of the group.

In the map of the good romantic relationship, we see partners do this for each other. This is one sense of secure base, the one who is present and actively following and appreciating and responding to what has been said and done.

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