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Mar 30 2009


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What is a Teleclass?

A teleclass is a conference call conducted like a seminar. After you register by email, we send you a number to call, and a password, and some preliminary materials to read. You call the number and you are on the phone with the class leader and the other participants for a lively presentation and open discussion.

Teleclass Number One: Introduction to Dating at Midlife

This is a one hour introduction to the basics: Understand why it’s different from dating as a young adult. Learn where the four most common traps lie. Learn about the four critical challenges. Learn to start thinking creatively and wisely about where you want to go, and how to get there.

Enroll in the February or March classes! Just send your enrollment request to

Teleclass Number Two: Learning the Yearning of Your Heart

This is a one hour introductory course to the Self-Knowledge sequence in our Midlife Training. Learn how to use “souvenir memories” to read your own soul’s deepest wishes for you and your life. And then learn to use this knowledge to help you formulate reliable and inspiring personal goals.

$30.00 One session.

Enroll in the February or March class. Send your enrollment request to

Teleclass Number Three: The Visitor’s Guide to Dating at Midlife

The “dating at midlife” scene is an interesting place to visit. Almost no one wants to live there. In this four session class how you, like others before you, can now move smoothly through the four different stages of midlife dating, starting with Disentangling from the Past, and ending with Creating a Solid Future. You’ll learn the traps to avoid, the skills to master, and the prizes to win.

$100 for four one hour sessions.

Enroll in February or March classes. Send your enrollment request to

Teleclass Number Four: Life at Midlife Film Discussion Group

Why do they do that? Why do we do that? In this seminar we will discuss the interesting questions raised by four films dealing with midlife problems and dating issues. You will view the films before each class and be given some discussion questions to think about and bring to the conference call.

$100 for four one hour sessions. Send your enrollment request to

Teleclass Number Five: Toolkit for Women Talking to Men

Men and women have different conversational styles. What works perfectly well woman to woman or man to man doesn’t work at all woman to man. In this popular workshop, you can learn ten really good rules to help you establish productive conversations on difficult topics with people you care about.

$50 for two one hour sessions. Send your enrollment request to

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