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Mar 30 2009

Counseling Services

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chagall 12QUICK TELEPHONE COUNSELING : Need some fresh thinking? Call for a Quick Telephone Consult with Dr. Belove. MORE INFO

COACHING & COUNSELING : Creating a new major relationship at any time in life is a big deal. If doing it at midlife, as an adult, do it the smart way. Prepare yourself, educate yourself, be strategic, and take good care of yourself along the way. MORE INFO

TELECLASSES : A teleclass is a conference call conducted like a seminar. After you register by email, we send you a number to call, and a password, and some preliminary materials to read. You call the number and you are on the phone with the class leader and the other participants for a lively presentation and open discussion. MORE INFO

FORMER QUESTIONS TO DR. BELOVE: Real life questions and answers on midlife relationships that have been sent to Philip Belove, Ed. D. MORE INFO

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