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May 31 2010

Testimonials and Reviews

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Testimonials from All

For Ten Years

Consistently Extremely Highly Rated Expert on Dating at Midlife

Over 1350 questions answered and on a scale of ten,

For Knowledgeability rated  9.80

For Clarity of response rated 9.87

Over 1390 questions answered concerning Divorce

For Knowledgeability rated 9.84

For Clarity of response rated 9.74

Read some of the verbatim feedback  to see how people responded.

(Some people signed only their first names. Some didn’t even want to leave a name because the issues were rather personal.)

First are the spontaneous and unsolicited responses to my answers to Midlife Dating questions; then come the responses to questions on Divorce.

You sound thoughtful, respectful and able to see the bigger picture as well as acknowledge and give value and respect to the individuals involved (even if at times behaviour patterns/expressions were quite extreme. I really heard that in your words – valuing and giving everyone a say and not taking sides etc. You clearly have a lot of experience and are genuine in your intent to facilitate and bring light into the shadows of intimate relations relating. Your answers were succinct, thought provoking, offered another perspective, and valuable.


I have to tell you that, in the wake of this last conversation, I am marveling at what it brought out for me!  You really helped enable me to see and think about all this in a way I hadn't been able to before. It gave me a clearer way to focus, parse out, identify, name, and clarify this profoundly important issue and aspect of who I am.. It makes so much more sense to me now! Ta Da!! Of course, I certainly still have a long road ahead of me to construct a good life for myself, but this really feels like a very important breakthrough for me.   -- Romany
And, I don't think I could have gotten this piece so clearly without your help

I think Dr. Belove has an uncanny ability to zero in on what is goingon. I was taken aback by his ability to offer insight to a person he has never met face-to-face and from the brief explanation I gave him.  Honestly, I was a little wary of gaining any actionable insight fro an online counselling consultation, but he has done   a fantastic job given the limitations of the medium. I also think he operates on the same wave length that I do.  (He  offered a note from Joseph Campbell, whom I adore!)  and this sort of clicking with a therapist is not always a given.  — Elaine

Hi, I`ve read your post on and I find that you really are experienced with it, because your arguments are really sophisticated and I can say by my own experience that they are true.    Eric

Very knowledgeable, cogent insightful answers that open up avenues without being directive. Provides new info and asks pertinent questions. neil


Dr. Philip, thank you so much for your insightful, intelligent, and sensitive council.  You quickly understood the complexity of the situation at hand, clarifying not only my relationship “issue”, but shining the light on aspects of myself that I had not seen before.  I am so appreciative of your skill and generosity.


I could tell from his response to me which by the way was very quickly that he put a lot of thought into responding.  I agree that I need to find out what went wrong in order to move forward.

Thank you Philip for your kind and insightful advice, which I will absolutely use. You’ve given me a sense of peace about this, which is very hard to find in a cynical world, so thank you and God bless.


Great stuff. Dr. Belove knows what he is talking about, and has a heart of gold.


The insight was great and very respectful. Dr. Belove showed he really knows what he was talking about. He probably gave me the wisest words, I’ll ever get for my short question. Dr. Belove helped me greatly!


Nothing like some honesty though it hurts. Very good response. –


You have been SO AMAZINGLY HELPFUL with all your ideas

A very fast response. Kind, caring and to the point. Thank you


It truly is a blessing knowing people like you still exist! Thank you Doc for all your kind support as well as the book recommendations. Your insightful, caring & profound responses are always deeply appreciated.


Incredible! Dr. Belove is very sensitive and friendly. I felt from their response that they knew me and my situation. They offered good, sound advice of the type I was looking for and they build people up instead of tearing people down. I’m reminded of what Mark Twain said “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” Dr. Belove is epitome of Twain’s definition of Greatness and a variable fount of wisdom. Kudos! Thank you so very much!


Your answer was thorough, thoughtful, and supportive. I really appreciate your help. Sincerely, Hillarie

Hello Philip, It is impressive that you have given detailed feedback and analysis of the concerns related to the relationship situation. I feel based on the information from me you have provided an accurate assessment of the situation and given me important points to think about. A truly professional response which is very valuable. I would like to reply in the future in terms of how the “relationship: develops. I really appreciate your response. Thank you Brent

A light in the dark for sure. You told me what I wanted to know and NOT what I wanted to hear. Very helpful. Thank you.  Mary Faust

10++++++++++++++ He is a very bright, caring, compassionate and very helpful in helping you “find a way”, “look from a different perspective” and reach a decision.

Gave wonderful thought provoking ideas to my question, has a real gift for expressing his insight to my situation and asked for more information from me indicating real concerned. A gifted writer and well expressed. Thank you so much. —

Thank you for your insightful and empowering response. I saw myself in a way I had not before and I like the new perspective. I feel a shift coming on and one that is freeing perhaps from outdated beliefs.


I appreciate the encompassing perspective. It was helpful for me to consider both points of views.


Philip Belove, Ed.D., Thank you so much for all your time and help. You’ve given me some perspective into many things. My ex and I have chatted on the internet the last two days and we are going to remain friends. Thank you again for your insight and generosity, Mike

Insightful and honest. Thank you, Dr. Belove.


Philip was extremely insightful and gave me a lot to think about. I appreciate the feedback immensely.  Jaliyah

Dr. Belove brings many years of experience in his advice. His common sense approach provides people with workable solutions. Go Dr. Belove! – W. Oats

Thank you so much. You said a lot of what I knew in my head but hadn’t admitted in my heart. Seeing your response in front of me allowed me another perspective–I really appreciate it!


The way you analyze the situation and the dilemma I am in has made everything a lot clearer for me. Your advice is very well taken. Thank you for that and for offering follow-up advice if things don’t work out. You obviously go beyond just offering free advice on the net, you really care about your readers and the outcome of your advice.  Once again, thank you so much.


You are truly a remarkable person doing really fantastic work in your help of others. You have helped me tremendously and I thank you so much for your advice and insight into my problem. I certainly will recommend you to anyone who needs help. Thank you    Amgela

Advice was completely on target.

–          Deirdre

I want to thank Philip very much. I really appreciate your help. Elizabeth

Very perceptive, and your correct – Elisa

I have read a lot of the questions and answers you have provided to your readers and I have learned a lot from them and have recommended your site to several friends of mine.


Your answers were so detailed and thorough that no stone was left unturned.I had been spinning my wheels for months to no avail. You answered and it all fell into place.

You are awesome! Not only was your advice very good, but the positive spin you put on things assuaged my sense of anxiety!


Thank you so very much! I am extremely grateful for not only the articulate response, but the prompt reply. I wish you the very best! —  Rachel

Dr. Belove is very perceptive and articulate. I have learned a great deal from him even though we have not spoken or met. He is concise and each word has power behind it.


He helped me to understand the crucial points I couldn’t grasp without his help. He’s absolutely top notch and has my gratitude for his help.


He was very concise and to the point which is exactly what I needed. Thank you.


Mature, wise, thoughtful comments   Liz

He was quite insightful…great feedback!  Gary

Considering the lack of information that was evident in such a brief question, Philip took what was there and made pointed and relevant advice/suggestions. Thank you.


Thank you! Wonderful, creative ideas, that I will definitely try.


Really glad I found Dr Belove when I reached out for help. He is compassionate, thoughtful, and helpful. Thanks


I think Philip Belove has a great gift for helping people such as myself.


Makes complete sense, thank you


Thank you for your time Philip. Your advice helps…….I guess it is just a new life for me.


Your advice is a great stepping-stone for my boyfriend and I to start a frank discussion regarding this emotionally charged family issue.


He is very insightful.


Thank You ! Awesome Advice ! –


Philip, you thoroughly answered my question…and helped so much more. Thank you!


A very clear response. It was as though Philip Belove was able to get into my head. Thank you for understanding what I was thinking so well.


Thanks. Makes sense.


Many thanks again. You know your stuff that’s for sure. Appreciate your insight/professionalism…. Your baggage information seems interesting. This is an incredible help, I’m so lucky. —  Penny

Philip Belove had the best response i’ve gotten on these boards!-


I think you’re on point with everthing that you have shared – thank you very very much, Eric

Thank you very much for your insight, you have given me hope, that there may be a chance to get back to a place when we were both happy.


I really want to Thank You for your response. I would also like to talk more on this topic. Once again Thank You Very much I feel better about it all ready…Richard

Thank you Dr Belove. I needed an outsider to tell me that something was just not right here. Thank you for your words, they validated what my gut feelings are. Lisa


This guy is the best!


This was a very thoughtful response and right on target. It was helpful to have this advice as I think through this problem. I’m very grateful for the service.


I enjoy the way you see things and communicate in a kind way!


Thank you for your help, really appreciate it. You gave me food for thought.


Thank you so much Dr. I more than appreciate the quick reply and helpful advice. It is what I thought, but good to hear from a professional.

Leslie a


Thank you so much for your informative response. It has definitely given me something to think about.


Dr. Belove’s response to my question is absolutely excellent. Again, many thanks for excellence. Truly an educated, informed, polite response.


Thank you for your response – it provided me with a few ideas and possibilities to think about. Above all, you write in a very warm and human manner which I appreciate. Dragana

Thank you so much for your advice, it has really really helped me think more rationally. You were absolutely spot on.


Thanks Philip for your very insightful response. You have given me some much needed encouragement and hope.


Wonderful. You were exactly right. Scary right….


Doc! Great answer. Without giving me a “directive” you’ve really nailed the problem.

–name withheld

Thank you so much for understanding and for giving me a complete, thorough answer. You are the best.

Very good reply, really addressing the issue proposed, and indicating resolution lines and possible closures. Kind, polite, professional and helpful.

I want to thank dr.belove. I was pleased that he seemed to know my personality just by the question I asked and the words I used. I find his advice to be very sensible. Thank you.

Mary Ann

Excellent, thorough and thoughtful analysis of what I felt was an unbelievably confusing MESS. Thanks Dr. Phil!

Laura Peterson

Wow, what a thorough, insightful, logical, clear and informative response to my question. This guy is fantastic!


Dr. Belove, your answer was perfect and I feel so much better. THANK YOU


Perceptive and insightful person.


Thank you for presenting a perspective that I had overlooked. It is so easy to get caught up in a situation that you lose the ability to see it clearly. You insight will allow me to grow in my understanding of the human condition.

Ana Caspers

Responses to Questions Concerning Divorce

I was already pretty sure I was doing the right thing but the reassurance that was given was exactly what I needed. Thank you


Thanks, once again, for leading me in the direction I need to go! Again, the timeliness of the response was very quick! The knowledge and understanding of Dr. Belove is very helpful. Thanks! I appreciate the quick, and honest, reply.


Very empathetic to my situation. Polite and respectful. Made me aware of a situation more important than what I addressed. Thank you very much.


Thanks for your perspective I have gotten up the courage to make a move and finally speak up and do something about my situation


Great advice. I just wish it was an easy solution. He definitely opened my eyes on the subject. It’s always refreshing getting advice from someone that doesn’t know you, to me that is solid honest no holds barred advice. Thank you for you time.


Awesome advice, very relevant and to the point. Insightful questions for me to think about and to grow by. Thank you and God Bless you.

Jenai Morehead

Thank you for insights; both re-assuring and though provoking


You had many good points that I had not considered.


Interesting insights & thoughts to consider.


I just wasn’t sure if I was crazy or not. I am not sure what to do yet but you validated my feelings. I am sooo appreciative of that. I am going to do some long hard thinking about this


I didn’t want to hear most of what you had to say but sometimes the truth hurts, thank you for your honesty.


Very concerned and consistent. A very kind and thoughtful and professional response. What one needs when worried about a situation.


Your insight into this crazy situation has helped a lot. I love your empathy.


I was surprised at how much he knew about me that I didn’t write about


Philip Belove gave me much understanding and now I have some answers to many of my questions. He was very straightforward with his views and his answers in regards to my questions. Thank you so much for taking of your valuable time to help me deal and come to some understanding in this time of much hurt and disappointment.


I think Dr. Belove’s answer is accurate and hard to hear. I think that he is helpful, open and non judgmental. Thank you for your quick and thoughtful response.


Philip is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his answers. I highly recommend his counsel and am very happy I contacted him.


Thanks Philip. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with several of your comments. I will report back if I can interview any of those in question for further clarity. And I really appreciate your amazing timeliness. Regards.


Thank you Philip for your response. I think you were right on target. Much of what you said, I think I already knew, I just needed to here it from someone else. Thanks agai


Wery knowledgeable and sweet


Very clear, very polite. Very intuitive and is making me face what I need to look at.


VERY helpful! The way that he phrased the ‘summary’ suggestion was just profound…I thought about the situation in a way that would have never entered my mind! THANKS!!!


Once again, Dr. Belove is absolutely right on target with minimal information, it was very comforting to read his advice..


Seriously; I felt as if Philip has known us forever. He brought to me several issues that I had thought of, but not in the way that he presented it.


I am very thankful to Philip. It feels amazing to get advice from someone during difficult times, and Philip took time to give me a pretty in depth and gentle response.


Thank you for your prompt response Dr Belove. You really have helped me a lot. I wish you well and a lot of success in the future. You know your stuff. Best regards,


I really have been so impressed. This problem has been haunting me for months and the advice I’ve received has been imperative. THANK YOU!!!


He addressed some key issues of concern and made me aware of some things that I suspected, and he confirmed what I was feeling. Enjoyed the conversation very much. Thank You


I was looking for some direction and a feeling that someone knowledgeable and wise would understand what is going on in my life. I will probably ask a follow-up question to get a better idea of what to do next. I feel encouraged that there is something I can do about this. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

Darlene Fidlow

Unbelievable amount of wisdom packed in this answer. From the bottom of my heart, thank you


Very kind and insightful. Thank you.


Thank you very much, you opened my eyes and my heart!!


Your response was more than I expected. It was a big help in calming my anxieties and fears. Thank you very much


This has to be the BEST and most Honest advice I have ever recieved regarding this matter. I am speechless. Thank you SINCERELY.

Dr. Belove, you’ve been very helpful to me, very kind and patient. Your response was what helped me get through this tough time. Thanks.


You are dead on. This has been so overwhelming for so long. This is the first time I have reached out for help and I must say I can’t express enough gratitude for your advice. I feel so good to have some light in my darkness. Rest assure that I will not do anything irrational and will put your advice to good use. Again I cant thank you enough.


What you said made perfect sense and although it hurts,


In such a hurting time for me and in need of some counsel and advice . The answer Mr. Belove gave to me hit home and the advice was great. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write me. Thank you, thank YOU !! God bless , Sincerely, Tamorahs

What a provoking and insightful response you gave. It calmed me instantly and made me think, although I did not expect at all the spiritual element of your response.  I do appreciate tremendously your perspective and advice. Thank you.


Philip’s response to my question was so thought out, focused and in-depth. I was not expecting a same-day response, let alone a response that not only made sense, but validated the way I felt!! Thanks, Philip!


Dr. Belove was very kind and considerate with his extremely timely response. He was thorough and took the time to really understand my question to give me the best possible answer. Thank you Dr. Belove for everything!

Sincerely, Jeff A.Mangus Freelance Writer

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