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Mar 30 2009

Meet Dr. Belove

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I am Philip Belove, Ed.D.

I’m a psychologist with a focus in marriage and family. I’m also a workshop leader, a university lecturer and a mid-life man who’s learned a thing or two the hard way. In 1990 I began research, small surveys, interviews, clinical practice and academic reading on the topic:

Dating At Midlife. What makes it different? What makes it difficult?

The resulting book (in process), the articles, the columns, the questions and answers, the speeches, the courses (always being re-designed), the specialized counseling and coaching practice, and this web page are some of the fruits of my work: a systematic way of understanding, and responding to the challenges of dating at midlife.

Best to you,

Dr. Belove

Curriculum Vita

Dr. Philip Belove with Granddaughter Rianna

Dr. Philip Belove with Granddaughter Rianna

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